The Meadows Wickenburg Announces Dr. Jon Caldwell as Chief of Psychiatry

The Meadows trauma and addiction treatment center in Wickenburg, Ariz., has appointed Jon G. Caldwell, D.O., Ph.D., as Chief of Psychiatry. Dr. Caldwell is a board certified psychiatrist and researcher specializing in the treatment of adults with relational trauma histories and addictive behaviors.

Caldwell has been a lead psychiatrist at The Meadows for three years. He has taught students, interns, residents, and professionals in medicine and mental health about how childhood adversity influences health and well-being. Caldwell’s theoretical perspective heavily influenced his Ph.D. graduate work in attachment at the University of California at Davis, where he researched the effects of early childhood maltreatment and insecure attachment relationships on cognitive, emotional, and social functioning later in life. His clinical approach is characterized by the timeless teachings and contemplative traditions of the mindfulness meditation practice.

Since Dr. Caldwell joined The Meadows team, he has proven to be an invaluable contributor. He has not only done a tremendous job within the psychiatry department, but has also become a regular presenter and speaker at workshops and conferences, in addition to contributing numerous articles on behalf of The Meadows,” said Sean Walsh, Executive Director of The Meadows. “We are very thankful to Dr. Caldwell for implementation of The Meadows outcome studies, which he will continue to oversee.”

Building on years of education, training, and clinical experience in the field of trauma recovery, Caldwell developed the REAC2H (Restoring Embodied Awareness, Compassionate Connection and Hope) Workshop, a scientifically-based workshop which explores how different “attachment styles” are related to specific patterns of thinking and feeling in close relationships. The REAC2H Workshop will become a part of The Meadows 45-day inpatient program, in addition to being offered as a 5-day specialty outpatient workshop for The Meadows.

“In accepting the position of Chief of Psychiatry at The Meadows, I am honored to help lead a world-renowned organization with over 35 years of excellence, and I am thrilled to offer my talents and skills to continually enhance and improve the treatment we offer to individuals and families who are in need of help and healing,” said Dr. Caldwell.

Dr. Stephen Brockway has provided his expertise in the role as Chief of Psychiatry at The Meadows for the past four years and we will continue to count on him for his leadership,” said Jim Dredge, CEO. “Having Dr. Brockway on our psychiatry team, along with Dr. Caldwell in his new role, will benefit The Meadows and provide for our growing needs in delivering excellent patient care.”

It is an honor and a high point of my life to have worked for The Meadows for 18 years. The Meadows has achieved the highest measure of healing for our patients that I have observed in all of those years,” said Stephen Brockway, M.D. “In addiction work, we are accustomed to seeing miracles, and now we see them as well with trauma recovery. I love to observe patients see the pieces of the puzzle of their lives come together as they apply The Meadows Model to their life situations.”

Dr. Brockway added, “Dr. Caldwell embodies the spirit of what we do at The Meadows. He is a rare individual with the combination of excellent medical and psychiatric knowledge, integrity, and the drive to be academically rigorous and clinically advanced. Combine those abilities with genuine caring for patients and administrative skill, and I can assure you we are in good hands moving forward.”

Childhood trauma – psychological and emotional distress observed in children caused by early Emotional Childhood Trauma.



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